Difference between public network, private network & value added network

Last updated on November 12th, 2018

What is a Private network?

A private network is any affiliation among network whereby restrictions are established to market a secure atmosphere. This sort of network may be organized in such the simplest way that devices outside the network cannot access it. Solely a particular set of devices will access this sort of network betting on the settings encoded within the network routers and access points. On the opposite hand, a public network is outlined as a network that anyone will freely hook up with very little or no restriction.

Private networks are maximally used for home networks and that to basically share printers.

What is the Public network?

A public network could be a sort of network whereby anyone, particularly the overall public, has access and through it will connect with different networks or the web. This can be in distinction to a personal network, wherever restrictions and access rules are established so as to relegate access to choose few. Since a public network has few or no restrictions, users got to be cautious of attainable security risks once accessing it. This network is safer for public places.

What is a Value-added network?

A value-added network (VAN) may be a personal, hosted service that gives firms with secure thanks to sending and share knowledge with its counterparties. Value-added networks were a typical way to facilitate electronic data interchange (EDI) between corporations. because the net created competition for this service with the arrival of secure email, VANs responded by increasing their service offerings to incorporate things like message coding, secure email, and management coverage.

Value-added networks are typically utilized by massive corporations for economical provide chain management with their suppliers, or by business consortiums or telecommunications corporations.

Difference between Private, Public and Value-added network:

Private Network Public Network Value Added Network
It is a type of network where restrictions and has rules to access It is a type of network where anyone can access and can connect easily to other networks. It is a private network which provides communication lines on lease to the subscriber.
It is a secured network as access is restricted. It is not secured as it is an open network. It is a secured network.
This network is owned by some malls, community centers etc. These networks are owned by an individual, or public places like coffee shops, airports. These kinds of network are owned by huge firms.
E.g.- Corporate network, network in school E.g.- Internet is the best example for public network E.g.- Can be used by the organizations sharing information using EDI(Electronic Data Interchange)


  • Private network and Value-added network are secured network compared to the public network.
  • A private network is used on a home network, while Public network on public places and the Value-added network is used by large companies.
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